“Celebrities spend hundreds even thousands of dollars to hire skin specialist for wonderful, flawless skin. The same results won’t even dent your grocery bill.”

Skin health begins with the food you eat. One of your favorite foods may be destroying your skin and making you look a decade older than you really are.


In a new webinar, Dr Veronica uncovers the secrets to ageless beauty when she interviews Dr. Kathy, the head of a skin care company who is also a naturopathic doctor.  She believes that everything starts with the cells in your body. If the cells aren’t healthy, then nothing else in the body will be healthy. If there is inflammation and turmoil going on in your body, it will show up on the surface of your skin. To protect yourself from skin cancer or acne, and to have ageless, beautiful skin, you have to monitor the things that you put in your body as well as on your skin.


Re-discover water and its powerful impact on your overall health, your complexion, your skin tone and the smoothness of your skin.


  • Your skin looks great when your body is healthy on the inside.
  • Learn about teas and how different types of teas fight various diseases, influence oxidation in the body and how you will be able to radiate health.
  • Did you know that you can spray green tea right on the surface of the skin and use green tea as a natural sun block?
  • Fat free diets are NOT good for you. Learn about good fats and oils that not only add flavor to your meals, but keep the cell walls healthy and your skins stays cleaner.
  • Learn the foods to avoid because they wreck havoc on your skin. Replace them with foods, such as the different varieties of nuts that inspire cell health, and keep your skin as youthful as an 18 year old.


This informative seminar is going to teach you how to regain your youth. Dr. Kathy says your skin changes as you age. Cells don’t replenish as fast. Exfoliating creams can actually harm you. You can use lemon juice or orange peels as an exfoliate instead. Combat acne, wrinkles, and skin diseases with natural home remedies. REGAIN THE ESSENCE OF YOUR TIMELESS BEAUTY.